September 10, 2012
Teachers Talk - Bible Robe Fashion Show
April Cottreau, Teacher, Sandy Lake Academy, Bedford, NS

Attention all teachers! Here’s an idea of how to put to use those dusty Bible costumes that only get pulled out for Christmas nativities. Host a Bible Robe Fashion Show!.
I got to thinking about how many times we read about garments in the Bible and the significance to each of their stories. From fig leaves in Genesis to a white robe in Revelation, I went through the Bible and wrote a script for eighteen garment stories, stories of stolen robes and royal robes, children’s robes and sackcloth, garments of disguise and grave clothes.
Though I reused lots of already-made Bible costumes, I realized it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more on hand as Easter approaches. I visited a second hand clothing store and went to the curtain section where you find high quality, patterned cloth, perfect for cutting robes and cloaks from. I used a basic pattern I found on the internet that reminded me of the Grinch cartoon where he cuts out the basic shape of the garment twice and sews it together. Add a tie and a scarf of cloth looped around the neck and it’s an easy way to go back to Bible times. For some of the ladies’ costumes, I found some blouses with special sequins and gemstones built in as well as colourful skirts to wear under cloths of silky sheers, pinned here and there. 
We presented our fifteen-minute fashion show at our weekly school assembly. Student volunteers lined up in costume and came on stage one at a time as the script about their life unfolded. Some students were needed twice; others only once. Students walked across the stage, paused facing the audience, turned and walked back. Some put more dramatic effect in than others. The student modeling the sackcloth assumed a humble, mourning pose on the floor; the student modeling the coat of many colours showed how proud he was to wear such a fine garment.
Bible character names were disguised in the script so the audience could participate in guessing each one as he or she left the stage. Students watching were very attentive and waited until each description was done before they offered their guesses.
The music I chose to accompany our Bible Robe Fashion Show was Messianic Praise by  Integrity Music, a CD of lively Hebrew-type songs such as “Unity”. I made sure my reading could be heard just over the music. I would recommend instrumental music most.
You’re welcome to use the script created for this fashion show and to alter it to suit your situation.
This morning we’d like to present to you the Unforgettable Fashions of the Bible show. We will present to you timeless fashions that carry messages below the surface. See if you remember who first modeled these styles we present to you. And now, let’s begin the Unforgettable Fashions of the Bible show!
  1. Tired of cotton and rayon?  Try all-natural, shame-resistant fig leaves. Modeled here as the first man-made fabric. Popular any time of year, sew fig leaves together to try to make yourself more acceptable to God. This garment may not work for you because it’s not by works that you are clothed in righteousness.  EVE
  2. We have next the torn robe of sorrow, modeled here by a victim in response to the fierceness of Satan’s assaults. Next time you feel attacked by the enemy, maybe try rending YOUR robe. It’s a great way to deal with your frustration and show others how you really feel about Satan. Just be sure you don’t tear yourself away from Jesus through the tough times. JOB
  3. Here’s a garment that won’t make you the life of the party, but is still the one thing people are dying to wear. Linen wrappings eventually must be removed by those wanting to experience full redemption from the burdens of this world. But remember, we cannot remove our own grave clothes. Ask someone close to you to unbind you and set you free! LAZARUS
  4. We go now to our next model, displaying for us royalty at its best: fit for a queen, shall we say. Sometimes a robe can cover more than a body… it can be a cover-up of your religion and race. It can sometimes hide who you really are until your life is at stake. Don’t live your life wearing a disguise. ESTHER
  5. Frustrated with your life? Need some direction? Maybe it’s time to “head back home where you belong”.  Modeling this “best robe” of his father’s is someone who has returned from the road of rebellion. Wear this robe when you need to be restored to a place of honor and dignity. When you’re tired of wearing the rags you deserve, trade them in for the Father’s robe. It is never too late to return and get right with Him. PRODIGAL SON
  6. Next we have a richly ornamented robe made by a father who likes to show how special he thinks you are. Wear this robe in front of your brothers and sisters to show off your special status. Create extra family tension by telling your dreams at the breakfast table while wearing your colourful robe. Wash by hand using only laundry detergent; animal’s blood not recommended. JOSEPH
  7. This unusual garb might not be popular among animal activists, but an excellent choice for someone who bears the title “preparer”. Certain to attract the attention of a crowd, wear camel hair at any time of the year, any year of your life. Considered a classic that never goes out of style, a great choice if you like warm, dry terrain much like… a camel!  JOHN THE BAPTIST
  8. And now we have for you a cloak that, once spread out like a wing over someone, might just be the most creative marriage proposal! Once this garment is spread over a woman, the symbolism is that this man and this woman are now wearing the same cloak and face the world under the same cover. Are you prepared to cloak yourself in the garment of a Redeemer? BOAZ
  9. This next cloak was left behind by a heaven-bound traveler to one who swore loyalty. This robe is known for its ability, when rolled up, to divide water on contact. Supernatural power not included. It can comfort and strengthen a new leader – much like a security blanket to a young child. Spread this cloak over any new leader who is to carry on the work for God. ELIJAH
  10. Our next model selects wool and flax herself. She works with eager hands. When it snows she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet. She even makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple. She makes linen garments and sells them and supplies the merchants with sashes. Above all, she is clothed with strength and dignity. It’s not everybody who is this up on fashion in the Bible!  WOMAN OF PROVERBS 31
  11. Next we have a scribe with a long robe. Such a long robe shows that our model MUST know better than anyone else all the laws of the Old Testament. Wear this long robe when you also wish to pretend that you are right with God, but beware. Jesus warns us not to be fooled by pretenders. Instead, make your relationship with him real! A SCRIBE
  12. This beautiful robe from Babylonia is one of those forbidden garments that you feel you just have to have! You’ll likely bury it in the depths of your closet and never take it out, but it’s just so nice to know you own something so splendid. It may cost your life if it’s discovered, but hey, sometimes that’s the sacrifice for fashion.  ACHAN
  13. Here’s a garment above all others: the wedding dress. Wear with a thick veil to really keep the groom guessing! This dress can be worn more than once if the occasion demands and is perfect for those who are really good at keeping secrets! A great way to surprise your man on your wedding day… oh wait. I mean the day AFTER your wedding day.  LEAH/RACHEL
  14. This next robe is from a set of clothing that comes with bonus bags of silver.  Even loyal employees may fall for this one. Also a good way to cover up that pesky, unpopular spotted skin condition. You sure will need it. But why be happy being a prophet’s servant when you can look hip in this? GAHAZI
  15. Next we have another robe of royalty. This robe can be used to thank someone who does a generous deed… like saving your life! Place it on them proudly to show appreciation. Add more pomp and circumstance by having an enemy lead the horse around shouting wonderful things the rider has done for you.Awkward? Oh well. No one said fashion was easy. MORDECAI
  16. Not exactly a one-size fits all, this next robe will need to be upgraded each year for those fast growing young people in your life. But as styles need to be updated anyway, order in a new robe each spring for that special youngster. It’s recommended that you order a full size too large. A smart parent doesn’t give a yearly robe that fits, but gives one to grow into.  And remember, God often gives us jobs that are too big for us, but partway through the year, we may begin to outgrow them. SAMUEL
  17. Now here’s an unforgettable fashion that doesn’t just work for people. Even designed for animals who want to humble themselves like their owners. Wear genuine sackcloth if you want to really repent of your dastardly deeds to show you really mean it. Sackcloth is also good for mourning if you’re a Jew and a man called Haman’s after you. Sackcloth, along with sincere repentance, just might save your life. Especially recommended for self-centered prophets having a pity party.      JONAH
  18. This white robe is available in unlimited supplies and has already been paid for by the blood of the Lamb. Simply exchange your old robe for this sparkling-white robe to meet for the wedding feast at the throne of God. It looks great on saints from every nation, race and language who praise and worship God. SAINTS IN REVELATION
Well we hope you have enjoyed our Bible fashion show this morning but we’d like to remind you that while man looks on the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.