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School: Burman University
Posted: July 20, 2021
Job Title: Director, Student Financial Services
Deadline: Until Filled
The Director of Student Financial Services is responsible for administering all financial services
related to the student experience at Burman University.
 Administrates financial services related to the student from the recruitment and
enrolment stages through the currently attending and exit stages and continuing until
the student fiscal responsibility with the University is completed including:
 Preparing student financial information for distribution on the web etc.
 Preparing and monitoring individualized student budgets and payment plans
 Developing and evaluating institutional financial awards applications
 Processing Canadian and U.S. government student loan documents
 Processing all academic and non-academic charges
 Preparing tuition and scholarship related tax information forms
 Developing and coordinating a collection process for delinquent accounts
 Maintaining student financial information in all print and web publications
 Coordinate on-campus student employment through the HR Director
 Managing the Student Financial Services staff
 Assisting senior administration in the development of related policies
 Overseeing ordering of institutional office and paper supplies
 Management of 26 non-dormitory housing units
 Production of institutional ID Cards
 Identifying and processing all student and rent payments from multiple payment
venues through the database and preparing multiple daily deposit summaries for
Accounting Services
 Authorizing and processing all student refunds to either government agencies or
personal accounts through use of e-transfer, POS units, or corporate cheque
 Responsible for initial application, review, and maintaining recertification for
federal Designated Learning Institution (DLI) status, federal/provincial governments,
and the U.S. Department of Education Title IV financial assistance programs (Direct
Loan, Plus Loan)
 Maintain the following in the student information system:
 Create and enter the term-based setup of dates and refund periods
 Tuition, fees, and refunds by cost-type

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Contact: Dawnette Baldeo
Lacombe, AB T4L 2E5
Phone: (403) 782-3881

School: Burman University
Posted: July 20, 2021
Job Title: Director, Human Resources
Deadline: Until Filled
Responsible and accountable for the management of the overall provision of Human Resources
services; policies and programs in support of the vision, mission and strategic plan of Burman
University. Assists employees in the interpretation of policies and procedures affecting the conditions
of employment and compliance with applicable regulations. The Human Resources Director is
responsible for the lifecycle of employees, including onboarding, performance management,
coaching & training and career planning & succession.
 Overall responsibility for the management of the Human Resources functions of the
 Strategic Human Resources partner to Administration of the University
 Responsible for keeping timely and accurate personnel records for the University
 Responsible to develop and implement efficient and cost effective Human Resources
 Ensure governmental policies and procedures are adhered to
 Provide direct support and counsel to administration on all aspects of Human Resource
 Support directors and supervisors regarding day-to-day employee issues, including employee
performance concerns, progressive discipline and terminations, in consultation with the
 Create, manage and maintain a recruiting system, including: administering advertising
services, pre-screening applicants, checking references, verifying qualifications, greeting
applicants, and preparing appointment contracts, regret letters, as well as maintain files of
prospective employees
 Ensure all selection processes fully comply with institutional policies and Alberta law by
serving as a co-chair of all faculty and staff search committees
 Develop and manage a new staff/faculty orientation system, including: explanation of
employee benefits and employment policies and procedures, and ensure all documentation
required for payroll and benefits is forwarded to the accounting department
 Inform faculty and staff when there is a change in university personnel
 Monitor progress of new employees and employees on probationary status to promote
professional development of employees; and ensure timely action is taken, as needed where
necessary for agreed-upon growth benchmarks
 Develop and manage the employees’ performance management evaluation/classification
process for administrative and support staff

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Contact: Dawnette Baldeo
Lacombe, AB T4L 2E5
Phone: (403) 782-3881