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School: Sandy Lake Academy
Posted: August 14, 2019
Job Title: 7-12 Humanities Teacher
Deadline: September 7, 2019
Description: This is a call to any professional High School Humanities educator who is looking for the opportunity to educate young minds in English and Social Studies within a Seventh-day Adventist Christian framework. Sandy Lake Academy is situated on 50 acres of lakefront property in the Halifax Regional Municipality, with historic Peggy’s cove and the lush Annapolis valley both under an hour’s drive away. This full-time position will primarily cover English and Social Studies at the grade 7-12 level; selected elective courses will round-out the teaching load. Instruction will be geared toward (a) preparing students for higher education and vocation, and (b) instilling within them a sense of God’s goodness and the nature of humanity through history and the written word. The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate excellence in teaching content and completing formative and summative assessments in accordance with the Nova Scotia Provincial and NAD denominational curriculum. We are currently in the process of growing and improving both our technology and agricultural programs, so skills in these areas would be a great asset. Most importantly, we are seeking a professional with a Christ-centred educational philosophy who will uphold and further the mission of the SDA church and help our Academy family to live out our motto “Service Above Self”.

The ideal candidate will desire to place Jesus at the center of their classroom and is a faithful member of the SDA Church; will build positive relationships with students and parents; will possess impeccable classroom management skills and 21st Century technological skills; holds a valid Teacher Certificate, with an endorsement in Secondary Education; preferably holds a Masters degree; is a SDA denominationally certified teacher; has experience in working with young people in service and outreach programs; and faithfully believes in the mission and value of Adventist Education.

Please submit your cover letter, curriculum vitae, proof of degree(s)/certification(s), a written statement outlining your professional teaching philosophy and a listing of references to the contact listed, Maritime Conference Education Superintendent, Teresa Ferreira.
Contact: Teresa Ferreira
121 Salisbury Road
Moncton, NB E1E 1A6
Phone: (506) 609-1386